Yes we Cannes !

Let’s celebrate Le Festival de Cannes !

And to do so, Tails from Paris & Sous nos Couettes propose you a little game.

We will be posting as of tomorrow hijacks of famous movies posters.

Your mission (if you accept it) will be to come up with the original title …

and share it with your networks.

More or less subtle clues are included in each posts titles.

The best contributor will be rewarded a surprise drawing or a journey on Mars (depending on the weather).

So sharpen your mouse, and … action !

Marvel Cannics US

Incannestation US

We Cannes remember ... US


Cannopy US

The Godfather

le bon la brute etc version US

teaser pirates caraibes version US

girls in black tails from paris english version

Jame sbond generique

tron generique US

Star wars generique US

scareface Version US

mission impossible generique US

Matrix generique reloaded US 2

jurassic park generique US

Harry potter US

ben hur generique US

amelie poulain US

teaser MGM tails from paris

You can also play with your own words by posting comments

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