Kids always speak the truth … Don’t say we didn’t warn you !

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Since preschool, a Parisian dad has collected wise sayings & good words of his two little girls.
With a cartoonist, he turns them into bubbles & colors.

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All those funny situations really happened & you will find here real bites of day to day family life !

We say “Kids always speak the truth” . . .  and that might be the problem . . .

Sign up. If you dare .

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It all started on the way to pre-school

It all started in Paris, a winter morning of 2009, while Franck was taking his two little girls, Roxane & Alix, to pre-school.

On the way, Roxane suddenly stopped, looked at his father straight in the eyes & asked : “Daddy, where does the time go ?”

Touched at first by this philosophical question from his 3-year old rascal, Franck told himself he would need to gather somewhere those funny & wise sayings for the family memories. And, months after months, those punch lines began to multiply : her younger sister, Alix, starting to join the fun.

Therefore, and for the last 5 years, Franck has been collecting all those lovely & humorous declarations, questions, screams from the heart and, day after day, he’s more and more overwhelmed out by their co(s)mic dimension.

He’s now the happy keeper of over 1.500 kids’ howlers and his two little girls keep on talking ….

 A two mouth & 4 hand work

« Tails from Paris » is inspired by their day to day family life in Paris. All the lines and questions come from the mouth of those two little rascals. They’re guaranteed « 100% homemade ».

Franck comes up with the titles and set up the scenes. Big comics fan, he’s imagined from the start all those situations in drawings.

Then steps in the talented cartoonist & caricaturist, Claude, who brings an additional dimension to the stories thanks to his drawings. 

Over 1.00.000 sees in over 150 countries

The blog quickly found its public. Lots of parents, teachers, grand-parents, kid specialists and future parents. Lots of readers sharing their own on the blog & social networks.

This web comics is now widely followed as the 1.000 and so drawings have been seen over 1.000.000 times in over 150 countries. And they now live their own life as they are widely shared on the major social networks.

The blog also exists in French and is called :

76 thoughts on “Kids always speak the truth … Don’t say we didn’t warn you !

  1. This is a hilarious blog. Would you happen to identify as a millennial (born 1980-2000)? Our site has a millennial emphasis and I would love to share this with our readers.

    • Hi G.U.M. !

      Thanxs very much for the compliment.
      I’m returning it as I find your blog very interesting too.

      It’s funny that you ask because I really feel that I am a millennial born too soon 😉
      I was born in 1972.

      BTW if you happen to read French, this blog also exists here :

      With my best from Paris.

      • I know the “born in the wrong decade” feeling. Lol. Alas, you are Generation X; also a lovely generation. I don’t speak french, but I actually have quite a few friends that do. I’ll tell them to check it out!

      • Thanks. And good luck with your nice blog ! I am currently working on a startup beta related to these blogs and will let you know when it’s on. Best. Franck

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    • Thanks Nick !
      Just looked at yours. Very nice too. Like your music clips : especially the “Gnomes” part II.

      Congrats for all the awards.

      We’re now following you 😉

  4. Thanks for following. This looks like a great blog. Au plaisir de vous revoir. 🙂

  5. Tails from Paris,

    Thank you for the like!
    I appreciate any and all feedback, as well as comments about the poetry I write.
    Hope you can find others that you enjoy to read.
    I am going to poke around and see what gems you have to offer now – Thanks again!

    Forever lost without reason our minds are our own

  6. Hey thanks for the follow and dropping in my blog…love the cartoons very amusing:)

    My French I’m afraid is un pocito, nick noy, un peu, so hard me to follow your french version…

    Keep in touch,

    Don Charisma

  7. Great idea for a blog! When I worked at a preschool I swore I was going to write down everything and write a book about it. I’m glad you’re actually doing it! Now following.
    (Thanks also for stopping by my blog and liking my Liebster Award blog.)
    Nice to “meet” you!

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  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking Ethnic Twist on Veggie Chili. I’m finding your blog intriguing and will follow 🙂

  11. Austin Texas il fait chaud, chaud, chaud.
    Oui j’aime les US, there is always something interesting going on and strange people to meet.
    Bien sur la France me manque aussi

    • C’st un vrai plaisir alors !

      I used to be a French exiled in the US myself a while ago … Hope you enjoy it as much as I did …

      Which part of the US do you live in ?


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