For Christmas, offer love & humor !

Tails from Paris – the ecomics is HERE !

Available on Amazon, iBook Store &

bandeau BD blog simplifié n°2

Let’s talk figures now. “Tails from Paris” it is :

– 70 pages

– over 200 drawings

– more than 300 smiles & laughters (sometimes, you laugh 2 … even 3 times at a cartoon)

– 9 months of work

– over 5.000 words

And all that for $ 4.99 !

That’s very expensive. It’s a total rip off ! But it puts the drawing at 2 cents and the word at less than a thousandth dollar … Think about it !!!

The e-comics is available on Amazon, iBook Store and so far … You can read it on PC, Mac and all digital tablets …

Here is the “explosive” cover page ! Click on the “Girls in Black” 😉

page 0

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