Three Awards, two little Parisian girls, a Donkey & a Teddy Bear

That’s too much love we just received …

We don’t know if we can handle that ?!? We’re so young 😉

We’ve been rewarded three times those last days !

That’s three reasons for a little drawing …

doudous banderolle version US 3

As it supposed to be, and for those who do not know us yet, here are 10+ little things about “Tails from Paris” :

It all started in Paris, a morning of winter 2009, while Franck was taking his two little girls, Roxane & Alix, to pre-school.

On their way, Roxane suddenly stopped, dropped her eyes in her dad’s & asked : “Daddy, where does time go ?”

Touched at first by this philosophical question from his 3-year old rascal, Franck also told himself that he should capture all those funny sayings for the family memories. And, months after months, those punch lines began to multiply : her young sister, Alix, starting to join the fun.

Therefore, and for the last 5 years, Franck has been collecting all those love & humorous declarations, questions, screams from the heart and, day after day, he’s more and more carried out by their co(s)mic dimension.

« Tails from Paris » is inspired by day to day family life in Paris. All the lines and questions come from the mouth of those two little rascals. They’re guaranteed « 100% homemade ».

To be continued tomorrow …

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