6 thoughts on “Fart with a style

      • It depends on the block you’re on… If there’s a Tigers Game or Red Wings game the city is hopping! With Wayne State University in session and a new Whole Foods market on the corner of Mack Ave & Woodward that (normally blighted) area has really perked up with newly renovated homes and restaurants. The Detroit Institute of Art is just up Woodward from that corner and the New Michigan Science Center for Children is behind the DIA, is just one example of growth in spurts 🙂

      • I see. French news lately reported the Detroit bankrupt and that did bring me back to those years when I was visiting customers uptown.

        But I’m sure Detroit citizens will make their best to go thru this period of instability. Keep it up !

      • Absolutely there has Ben so much corruption by the City leaders for so long that the actions of a few have lead to devastation for the many. Lack of city services (trash pick up, ambulance, police, fire) have driven out those who could afford to move somewhere else for three decades. This is not an overnight problem and there will be a slow return to its former glory. The citizens that can treat the city like another child and care for it day and night 🙂 Good things are happening again.

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